Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Heart E3 2011

Hey what's up everyone! I've been passing the time waiting in long lines, walking through mazes of incredible video game booths and experiencing new games, game demos and consoles first hand at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or more popularly known as E3.

My husband and I had such a great three days just being filled to the brim with every video game. Today we spent the last day of E3 at Nintendo's section waiting in line to play the new Wii U. My favorite game demos on this new console would have to be Wii U's Battle Mii and Shield Pose. At first I wasn't quite fond of the idea of an iPad-like controller but once I had the chance to try it out, it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought. Check out more features of what this new console can do:

One of the most favorite times I had at E3 will have to be when I got the chance to play Luigi's Mansion 2 on the Nintendo 3DS!  Trust me on this, it's fun, full of things to discover, the visuals look great and you're never too old to enjoy this game. I could have played longer but there were swarms of people wanting to get their time collecting money, vacuuming spider webs and hunting ghosts that lurk in dark corners. See what I'm talking about here:

Here are some more pics of what and where we ventured:

Of course, didja think they'd pass this up?!
Coming to theaters July 22, 2011

It was cool to see X-Play do their thing! Take cam 1...

Gotta love Cooking Mama. There should be a show for her on Food Network. Hehe.
Briana drawing our requested character at the Disney Booth. Humble artist. Wonderful artwork!

No words to describe how excited I am...

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  1. Thanks for sharing. What character did you get the artist to draw for you guys?