Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Art of Bento...Killing You With Cuteness One Meal At A Time

A couple weeks ago I took my sisters around town and we found ourselves in Little Tokyo. While I was walking through each store and discovering or re-discovering childhood favorite toys, pencil cases and gadgets, I came across a couple books on bento boxes. My dear readers, these are not just any ordinary bento box creations. No no no no no! These are some of the cutest food creations you'll ever see and quite possibly refuse to eat and instead try and preserve it as collectibles. Check them out:

Photo from modeS Blog

Photo from ecollo website

Photo from Brea Peck's blog

Photo from girlybubble's blog

Photo from Adventures in Bentomaking's blog

Last but not least...this one's for my husband...

Photo from Anna The Red's blog...check it out...it's amazing!!!

For amazing ideas and ways to make your own bento creation check out these two books:

Purchase on Amazon here.

Purchase on Amazon here.


  1. I have never seen these before. Too cool to eat. LOL. Have you created any yet? Keep us posted.

  2. Hey Jamie,
    NOPE...I have not created any yet but will probably soon! I'll definitely keep you posted. I'm thinking I should try creating a Master Chief Bento Box. LOL ;)