Monday, May 9, 2011

Childhood Favorite Dessert: Kanom Pui Fai

Kanom Pui Fai is a Thai dessert that is normally steamed instead of baked. It comes in various sizes and texture but a common denominator is the jasmine essence and hint of egg taste. I've made this before with chicken eggs but I think using duck eggs might make it more authentic tasting. So next time I'll probably try that.

I didn't make the ones I've posted today. Instead I visited Silom Supermarket in Thai Town and found them. They are made by Orchid Thai Cuisine located in Arcadia. So if you would like to try these for yourself make sure you stop by these places or else learn to make them yourself here.

Oh and btw, if you visit Silom Supermarket make sure you get your parking ticket validated. Just a heads up.

Have a Great Monday!

I couldn't resist...had to enlarge to show fluffy texxxture!
I believe some people call this happiness...agreed!

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