Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stuff For Hosting...Thanks CB2

Yeah, I would say this tray's message says what I would like to say sometimes...but I usually keep that in my head. Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for funky and fun entertainment ware. I've subscribed to CB2 for about two years now and today I decided I'd take some time to see what's new. I found this tray for $15.95 but it's currently on sale for $12.95.

And keep your drinks cool with this spiffy Mars Party Tub that matches perfectly with your attitude tray.

Keeping it chill for $24.95

And I know these chopsticks looks a bit gimmicky but doesn't it look fun?! This would also be great for people and kids who would like to start learning how to use chopsticks. Makes me smile. In fact, browsing for things online and sharing them with family and friends is something I really like doing. I could share so much more today but I'll just start with these three.

$3.95 each but the experience is priceless, young grasshopper!

I'm just scratching the surface of CB2 today...check them out for yourself! I'm off for some online shopping. Have a great day!

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