Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Sweet 'n Fruity Rice Squares

WARNING: The contents of this treat may cause Sugar Overload leading to uncontrollable children and adults. Sudden crash and burn may occur. In case of this emergency please find nearest rest area.

It was my husband's idea that we purchase fruity rice cereal and make treats out of them. My finger is pointed at him as I take a delicious bite of our Sweet n' Fruity Rice Squares.

The next time we attempt this recipe instead of going full-on with 6 cups of fruity cereal, we will divide it into 3 cups of fruity rice cereal and 3 cups of normal (unflavored) rice cereal.

We love taking advantage of cereal for less at Aldi's and so we got Millville's Fruity Rice (fun and colorful box designs). And guess what? Fruity Rice does not, I repeat does not have high fructose corn syrup in it. Nice for us since we loaded up on marshmallows and butter.

The recipe is easy and many people go by the Original Rice Krispie Treat recipe. I just added a little more butter and maybe little more marshmallow against my healthy judgement. But have fun making these with the kids and big know who you are.

That's how I'm feeling after 4 or 5 squares!

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