Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm a Mommy...of 16 Weeks!

Let's see, my last post was in March and I bet that was posted on a decent day when I wasn't plagued with nausea and heartburn. These past three-four months I've been MIA from my blog for a very good reason...I'm 16 weeks pregnant!

This has been an answer to our prayers and even though I had terrible pregnancy sickness, deep in my heart I was thankful for every unwanted pregnancy symptom that made my days miserable. My heart goes out to all mommies and future-mommies who have and will go through pregnancy sickness. To be honest, I thought I would be able to handle it well and still continue with normal day-to-day activities/chores but I was deeply mistaken. I can't tell you how much I hated the smell of my own home. I hated the smell of my fridge. Worst of all, I hated the smell of buttercream and all things sugary. Even the thought of baking and decorating a cake would send me straight to the bathroom. It was bittersweet when I had to cancel my Wilton classes. I was on a roll with this cake decorating venture but at the same time Life decided to take me on a hormonal ride called major pregnancy sickness . We shall meet again Wilton!

For now, I'm currently enjoying my 2nd trimester and looking forward to learning more of what I can do to prepare for a baby. I look forward to sharing our baby story with you on my other blog...The Full Time Mommy (in construction).

Thanks for reading my post today!! :)

Some funny pregnancy announcements online:

Found on Weffaroo's Photobucket. Too funny! 

Found this one via Pinterest via under Honest Pregnancy Announcement. I feel for the poor mommy but I love his enthusiasm.

I can totally see my husband and I doing this, trading my nice dresses and him some of his old electronics (never our Xbox 360). Found this via

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