Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A National Cathedral Must-Own For Me

The next time I visit The National Cathedral I will have enough money to splurge on something that caught my eye. First of all, I've visited this beautiful place more than three times already. I've been through the main worship area, spent some quiet times in the Bishop's Garden, took the elevator up to the top floor and enjoyed a festival or two during the summer months. But never did I realize that they had quite the gift shop downstairs had I taken a complete tour. What a goober!

Here are some trinkets and whatsits you can find in their gift shop the next time you visit:

Pretty ornate decorations, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. And the Child Angel is an adorable great gift for any angel collectors.

There is something to love about the simplicity of wooden figurines and especially if they are of revered saints. Left to Right: St. Jude, St. Julian of Norwich, St. John of the Cross.

You can't visit the National Cathedral without seeing her minion of gargoyles. Aren't they just the cutest things? And believe it or go see for yourself, there IS a Darth Vader head mounted there. My husband was determined to look for it one Sunday and sure enough there he was...Lord Vader.

Here are some more things I found serene and beautiful...

I'm not sure what they call this but I like to call it the Rosary Cross. I'm sure someone can give me the actual name. But this would be a great gift to give a friend of the faith. 

Finally, the thing I want most above all things from this gift shop would have to be this book, Cooking with the Saints (heavenly ahhs). C'mon, how neat is this book? I love cookbooks that are specific and have their own flare to it. Just like the postcards I bought from Graceland that had all of Elvis Presley's favorite foods. Now I can cook and eat what the saints ate. Awesome. If you have this book please do share with me your favorite recipe.

Well, my friends this has been the National Cathedral Gift Shop tour courtesy of The Full Time Wife. Until next time, Faith, Hope and Love...above all Love!

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